Book Summary

Mining of Massive Datasets by Anand Rajaraman and Jeffrey David Ullman

Summary of Chapter 1
  • Data Mining: The term refers to the process of extracting useful models of data. Sometimes, a model can be a summary of the data, or it can be the set of most extreme features of the data.
  • Bonferroni’s Principle: If we are willing to view as an interesting feature of data something of which many can be expected to exist in random data, then we cannot rely on such features being significant. This observation limits our ability to mine data for features that are not sufficiently rare in practice.
  • TF.IDF: The measure called TF.IDF lets us identify words in a collection of documents that are useful for determining the topic of each document. A word has high TF.IDF score in a document if it appears in relatively few documents, but appears in this one, and when it appears in a document it tends to appear many times.
  • Hash Functions: A hash function maps hash-keys of some data type to integer bucket numbers. A good hash function distributes the possible hash-key values approximately evenly among buckets. Any data type can be the domain of a hash function.
  • Indexes: An index is a data structure that allows us to store and retrieve data records efficiently, given the value in one or more of the fields of the record. Hashing is one way to build an index.
  • Storage on Disk: When data must be stored on disk (secondary memory), it takes very much more time to access a desired data item than if the same data were stored in main memory. When data is large, it is important that algorithms strive to keep needed data in main memory.
  • Power Laws: Many phenomena obey a law that can be expressed as y=cxa for some power a, often around -2. Such phenomena include the sales of the xth most popular book, or the number of in-links to the xth most popular page.

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